The Toxic Eels Of Clementia

December 21, 2017 by admin_name

The Toxic Eels Of Clementia
Written by John Appius Quill

Corky quietly scooped up the algae that floated on top of the seawater in slow, quiet sweeps under the light of the full moon. When his net was full he pushed a button on the handle to suck up the algae through the net´s handle to the container on his back. He did this ritual every full Moon in this cove while New England slept. He had gotten used to the toxic eels that rubbed against his thigh high boots and the murkiness of the ocean waters by now but still wished for the days in decades past when Clementia Beach was beautiful. He wanted so badly to walk barefoot on clean sands and feel the pristine, aqua-marine waters caress his feet from the ebb and flow of the tides. This algae would be made into burgers for tomorrow´s weekend market with the Food Collective.


”Get your burgers here! They´re a great source of vitamins, minerals and protein without any added plastics or other fillers!” Corky yelled.

”How can you claim to have protein in those things?!” A voice shouted at him.

”Of course there´s protein in my burgers Carl.” Corky shouted back pointing down at his stack of green burgers.

”Where do you get your plants anyway Cork?” Carl asked walking over to Corky´s booth as he spoke.

”I mean, I know everybody is fighting to stay in the Food Collective but come on.” Carl added as a smirk slid up the side of his face.

”I forage. Try one.” Corky replied gesturing at the stack of green burgers.

”No thanks Cork. You should sell worms instead. It´s only a matter of time before they raise the selling quota again and you´ll be out of the Food Collective. Then what will you eat?” Carl said shaking his head as he looked down at Corky´s stack of burgers.

”With worms you can add fillers when they raise the selling quota and you´re safe.” Carl added.

”Fillers? You mean plastic, dirt and other fillings.” Corky asked slowly shaking his head in defiance.

”That´s right green-burger boy. Look how good my worm burgers look.” Carl answered holding up a worm burger in front of Corky´s face then snatching it away.

”My green burgers sell really well and people don´t get any bad side effects.” Corky said emphasizing the word – green.

”Yeah right and you never have enough to make your Food Collective quotas either. You better start squirreling away those phlegm balls for yourself. You´ll need them when you get kicked out of the Food Collective, but wait they don´t have a good shelf life like mine.” Carl teased as he walked away.


It was a typical Monday morning at work for Corky as he sat at his desk sorting the various project tasks to the different software applications. He always found time to daydream in between the pile of tasks sent to his computer. He picked up his cup of freshly made coffee and took a deep breath enjoying the smell of one of the last natural things left to enjoy.

”Mr. Gris wants to see you Corky.” The metallic voice of his bosses secretary said interupting what could have been a nice daydream.

He followed the android with a feeling of dread in the pit of his stomach. Meeting his boss was never a happy moment.

”Have a seat Cork.” The metallic voice of Corky´s boss said.

”I´ve been making all my deadlines…” Corky began before his boss interupted him.

”No. You organics are far too paranoid about your productivity. I´ve got some good news. The big wigs from the Clementia Mining Consortium want to talk to you.” Mr. Gris said in his metallic voice and a smile that seemed so genuine.

”W-w-what for?” Corky stammered as he cringed inside at being called `organic´.

”I always knew you were a diamond in the rough Corky. Your honest, thoughtful and going places.” Mr. Gris said ignoring Corky´s question.

”They´re interested in those plant burgers you make. They want to feed them to the organic astronauts they´re sending to New Egypt. I even heard they have extra seats too.” Mr. Gris finally answered.

Corky seethed inside at hearing the word – organic.

He paused then said to his boss ”Sign me up.”

Corky knew that New Egypt was the place where people could take control of their own food supply and pull the plug on these android monstrosities that devastated humanity.


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