The Short – A Look At The Short Film

January 25, 2018 by admin_name

The Short – A Look At The Short Film

I want to shed a little light on a segment of the film industry that is often idependent. It often produces gems with fresh ideas set in beautifullt crafted worlds. I am talking about short films. In the old Days short films were done through animation or they were set in real Life but nowodays we have world building via computer technology. This has opened up a whole new world for the storyteller. They no longer need to hire a skilled army of people to build sets and props thanks to computers. I´ve seen many good short films done by talent that doesn´t seem to get enough recognition. So here´s a list of shorts I found to be real gems.

“Through The Storm” creators webpage   — check out TheCGBros website

“Nora” creators webpage  —  and Youtube webpage

“Gadget” directed by Sebastiano Pupino, produced by Ian Parker. “Gadget” Youtube webpage. creators webpage  — TheCGBros website 

To name just a few. So check out the short film genre.



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