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”Interstellar” is an American science fiction, drama directed by Christopher Nolan and produced by Christopher Nolan, Lynda Obst and Emma Thomas. It was written by both Jonathan and Christopher Nolan and the music is by Hans Zimmer. (Keep in mind that this is the same Christopher Nolan that brought us “Inception”, “The Dark Night” and “The Dark Night Rises”). “Interstellar” stars the talented cast of Matthew McConaughey, Matt Damon, Wes Bentley, David Gyasi, John Lithgow, Casey Affleck, Christopher John “Topher” Grace, Willian Devane, Anne Hathaway, Michael Caine, Bill Irwin, Jessica Chastain, Elyes Gabel and Ellen Burstyn. Theoretical physicist Kip Thorne consulted on the film since the story deals with space travel, wormholes and the different pockets of time that result from both. The producers of “Intestellar” have already won the American Film Institute Award´s film of the year. Hans Zimmer has been nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score. It has also been nominated for Satellite Awards in Best Cinematography, Best Original Score and Best Visual Effects.
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