Arga Snickaren – The Angry Carpenter

March 17, 2016 by admin_name

Arga Snickaren
The Angry Carpenter
released 2009


”Arga Snickaren” or ”The Angry Carpenter” is a Swedish reality, home construction TV series produced by Ragnar Eklund and Henrik Söder. It stars the talented Swedish carpenter Anders Öfvergård and his team of skilled contractors. It won the Kristallen 2010 award and has been running on Swedish TV since 2009. I really think this show should be brought to American and European audiences as it is and not stolen and transformed into something less than what it is by American or British TV, as is the case with so many good foreign TV shows and movies. So keep your grubby little paws off it Hollywood! It´s perfect the way it is.

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