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Written by George Orwell

 George Orwell was born Eric Blair in 1903 India. He was a scholarship student in a prestigious boarding school called Eton and described his family as “lower-upper middle class”.

“1984” is probably the most famous book that describes the dangers of a dystopian society. It criticizes the abuse of power by a government on its people and also details how the mechanisms of control operate in a totalitarian regime. The world of the main character, Winston Smith, is a frightening place. This is a cautionary tale as well as a criticism of some governments in the world today. It´s also the story of a society where its people refuse to commit to action and sacrifice in order to earn positive change and build a semblance of the society they dream of. Oceania is a society where the government has too much control over the minds and bodies of the citizens.

“1984” is a masterpiece among the greatest works in literature.
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