Worthy Sci-fi From Low Budget TV

September 3, 2015 by admin_name

Worthy Sci-fi From Low Budget TV
September 2015 editorial

In these days of the waning influence of TV I want to bring to mention a few good TV programs. I believe that, at least in the developped world, the internet has replaced the TV as the most influential and watched medium. I´m curious to know the ratio of smart phone, tablet and laptop users to TV owners. I know that in some parts of the developing world the difference is clear. So when a good TV program comes out it is worthy of mention. Also, some of the programs from the past are worth streaming or buying today. Those underdog productions that got little attention by mainstream but were very good can now get new life thanks to word of mouth, social media and the internet streams. I´m talking about gems of creativity done on a low budget with good stories and likeable characters. They are ”Dark Matter”, ”Red Dwarf” and ”Misfits” to name just a few.
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