To lux, or not to lux: that is the question

October 1, 2015 by admin_name

To lux, or not to lux: that is the question
October 2015 editorial

Many people say that traveling, just for the sake of traveling is a lot of fun. Visiting some of the many beautiful and exotic places in the world with their many different foods and customs is just exciting. What you face as a traveler depends on things like where you go, how you get there and what kind of person you are. Not everybody has a good time in Paris or Milan or the Far East and we all know that these are beautiful places. So I have to wonder whether it´s better to travel in style and stay in the top hotels or scrape by on as little money as possible?  I´ve done both. So my question is a variation of a famous soliloquy. “To lux, or not to lux: that is the question. ”  (I think you know the rest of this soliloquy. )
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