Things Not So Obvious

May 4, 2017 by admin_name

Things Not So Obvious
Editorial written by John Appius Quill

Considering the new sunny season is taking off to a good start in this part of the world and to avoid being trite let me propose a topic for the storyteller, artist or person in this modern age. Now it´s no surprise that we are leaving the age of paper for the digital age. Book stores are closing, people everywhere are glued to digital screens instead of paper newspapers, paper magazines and paper books, (I´m dating myself here) and it is quite possible that we are headed for a time when the average person lives a more sedentary life. Now this is a serious change in lifestyle that will affect our health in good and bad ways.

For example, staring at a screen for many hours every day is bad for the eyes as is as expecting results results instantly in one click. Patience is a very important virtue. One thing that health professionals all agree is very detrimental to health is sitting for long periods of time, day after day and year after year. Many plant themselves in front of screens for most of their busy days as the years go by. So muscles don´t get used enough and even our social skills can suffer. We really are creatures that need the freedom of movement and to exercize that freedom regularly. For those people that wear watches to count the number of steps they take during the day, they often find that the number at the end of the day is very low. far lower than what they expect.

So, of course, exercise is a good remedy, as is meeting people face to face and living in a walkable city like NewYork, Paris or Bucharest. That is one good step toward better health. But, how about changing your work space on the job and work space at home? How about using the better technologies, the smarter technologies? I propose using an adjustable height desk. I´ve used it at work and love it. I can do everything standing up. I can write, make calls… basically, do Everything standing up.

That small change in your life will greatly increase your quality of life at both your work and home spaces, and help to stave off the bad effects of the modern lifestyle. I cannot recommend it enough for you storytellers out there. It´s a change you will not regret and I expect to see it as the new workplace standard very soon.

So go out there and improve your quality of life. Enjoy what technology has to offer and avoid the bad side effects from that technology. A desk with adjustable height buttons is defintely the way to go and I believe the prices are coming down too. So this month´s editorial is a simple piece of advise. I hope it serves you well.

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