The Mothman Prophecies

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The Mothman Prophecies
Released in 2002

The Mothman Prophecies” is a supernatural, sci-fi thriller based on the the book of the same name written by parapsychologist and author John Keel. It was produced by Gary W. Goldstein, Gary Lucchesi and Tom Rosenberg. It was directed by Mark Pellington and stars Richard Gere, Laura Linney, Will Patton, Debra Messing, Lucinda Jenney, David Eigenberg, Bob Tracy and Alan Bates. The screenplay was written by Richard Hatem. The film won the Best Sound Editing: Music in a feature Film award by the society of Motion Picture Sound Editors. With Brian Berdan as editor and music by Tomandandy. This is a strange tale of the supernatural that will have you glued to your seats and shaking in your shoes and claims to be based on actual events.

The story follows newspaper journalist John Klein, played by Richard Gere, as he investigates strange occurrences in his life after the death of his wife Mary, play by Debra Messing. Late one night John Klein inexplicably finds himself at Point Pleasant, West Virginia, hundreds of miles away from the road he was travelling on. He eventually speaks with a mysterious being who called himself Indrid Cold, who knew far too much about John Klein to be disregarded as a fake. There are also sightings of a large creature called the ”mothman” by the locals of Point Pleasant.

As John Klein investigates the strange occurrences he discovers that mothmen sightings are prevalent throughout history and they portends of bad things to come. So now John must also find what disaster is due to happen in Point Pleasant.

It isn´t until the end of the movie when the disaster occurs that we realise what these seemingly supernatural creatures were up to. I use the word ”seemingly” because although the creatures manipulating John´s investigation are strange their patterns of behavior point to familiar human traits. They seem to be fixing a mistake in John´s life that they feel accountable for. That is to say, the death of his wife Mary. Even though the doctor told John that the accident they were in did not cause her fatal medical condition I suspect that maybe those creatures were inadvertently responsible.

By the end of the movie John´s life is back on track and the hole in his life from his loss seemed at least partially filled. These creatures seemed less interested in the other victims of the disaster though. The story really centers around John Klein and the sheriff Connie Mills, played by Laura Linney.

So to finish up we ask ourselves, is this the story of supernatural creatures that had to fix a big mistake in the lives of two people? I cannot say for sure but it looks that way to me. As far as all the other mothmen sightings in Point Pleasant are concerned, maybe those people had something to be fixed in their lives too. But maybe that something was far less obvious than the loss of a loved one or a life threatening situation.

I highly recommend ”The Mothman Prophecies” as a must see and own. It´s a great thriller that is terrifying and unpredictable. This is a strange tale of the supernatural that will have you glued to your seats and shaking in your shoes and claims to be based on actual events.

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written by John Appius Quill

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