The Internet And The Once Obscure Writer

January 18, 2018 by admin_name


The Internet And The Once Obscure Writer
Written by John Appius Quill

 Have you ever wondered what happenes to all the talented writers who don´t get any recognition? Think of the great works lost to us. I think in days past we simply lost those works. In some cases a fan or someone cleaning out their attic might give such great works new life but in most cases I think they are lost to us. What about less good works that manage to make it into publishing and be read by some readers? Well I cheer for those works just like the well done ones because ultimately there is a place for those stories too and the internet has helped with that. The internet, for the time being at least, has helped bring works both good and bad to life and it is not up to any of us to have the right of that form of self expression. Even if we use fair and accepted standards of excellence we do not have the right to deny anyone to self expression.

I´ve read some of the self published books online and some were good and some were bad but I found that they all had interesting ideas. I´ve said this before amd I will say it again. The internet is a kind of bazaar that everybody and anybody has a right to contribute or enjoy. The day that is taken away from any of us on the pretext our content is not high enough quality is the day that that wonderful bazaar of ideas and self expression slowly dies. It´s the case of one person being denied rights is an attack on all our rights because the internet should really be a right for everyone except predators who use it to hurt people.

So let all these obscure writers have a voice and the chance at an audience or fan base. The freedom to use and contribute to the biggest library in recorded history should continue for all and I hope it does.

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