The Future is Short: Science Fiction in a Flash, Volume 4

December 14, 2017 by admin_name

Jot Russell’s The Future is Short: Science Fiction in a Flash, Volume 4

S. M. Kraftchak, Jack McDaniel, Andrew Gurcak, Chris Nance, Paula Friedman, Jeremy Lichtman, Tom Olbert, Marianne Petrino, John Appius Quill, Greg Krumrey, Justin Sewall, Jot Russell, C. Lloyd Preville, Joseph Minart, Rejoice Denhere, Jeremy McLain.

“The Future Is Short: Volume 4” is an anthology of microstories written by 16 authors of which I have 4 microstories. Now to clarify, a microstory is a story less than 900 words long. Not pages but words. These microstories were taken from Jot Russell´s microstory contest on Goodreads and TFIS4 is edited and published by Carrol Fix through Lillicat Publishing. Each story has two or three themes to follow and must be scifi. Those are basically the only requirements. So of course the themes such as love, revenge and struggle are set in fantastical worlds of the imagination. There are some 47 thrilling stories written by a talented group od people who love the scifi genre.

Why microstories you might ask? Well in this day and age where people are hooked on 10 or even 5 minute videos many people are reading less. It seems to me like concentrations spans have shrunk. It is a new niche for everybody but those people that read less too. It is the shorter, short story which can be just as fun. This is ideal for all those times in our lives where you are waiting somewhere for say a train, plane, boat or bus. It´s kinda like a snack for the mind.

My 4 stories deal with revenge, love, an alien invasion and the mother of all plagues. So pick up your copy and enjoy it.

Written by John Appius Quill


Click on the link below to get to my bookshop and pick yourself up a copy.

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Have a happy holiday folks.

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