Terms And Conditions May Apply

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Terms And Conditions May Apply
Released in 2013

Terms And Conditions May Apply” is an American documentary that deals with the ever increasing amount of personal information and how the large corporations and governments effectively take it through their terms and conditions clauses and then use it or sell it without an individual´s knowledge or consent. It looks at companies like Facebook, Linkedin and Google and interviews a host of people from all spectrums of the issue. People such as Mark Zuckerberg, Orson Scott Card, Senator Ellen Corbett, Moby, Rainey Reitman, Amy Cutler, Said Vaidhyanathan and Margaret Atwood to name just a few. It was produced by John Ramos, Nitin Khanna and Cullen Hoback (who is also the narrator and director). The music was done by John Askew.

This documentary is a series of interviews and facts that discuss the issues surrounding privacy, personal information and the governmental-corporate use of that information.

One good example they give is the case of the father who goes into a large store chain to get them to stop sending his daughter advertisements for birth control products. After all she was only 14yrs old. As things turn out, unbeknownst to the father, his daughter was pregnant and the store knew it because of her purchases.

This documentary is a warning that our information can be sold, shared and even used against us without our knowledge. Think of credit card companies or insurance companies that can increase the costs of health care when they acquire certain information by invading someone´s privacy. The ”I accept terms and condition” button that gets clicked to enter any website allows them to do just that.

I do think that a free flow of information is important in this new computer age but we must set up a few safeguards to protect the individual. Here are my suggestions:

  1. Internet access to all at acceptable speeds (set a minimum speed)
  2. Individuals rights to all their own information and knowledge of who was granted access to their information and why.
  3. Prohibit government, big business and any entities from tampering with internet networks or data packets in order to impede, steal or manipulate data packets or their flow.

Feel free to check out my editorials on a related subject. Both deal with a fair internet experience for everybody. I feel that the changes stated above would lead to a better internet business environment for all.

I highly recommend this documentary as a must see and own.

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