Stagnant Societies in Storytelling

September 4, 2014 by admin_name

Stagnant Societies in Storytelling

With so many good movie and book themes and story lines it isn´t always easy deciding the new editorial topic of the month. Since last month´s editorial dealt with the lynching archetype or a group of people colluding to commit a serious crime against an innocent person(s) I think it is only fitting to follow that theme with the one of the collapsing, stagnant society. The theme of the stagnant society has been told so well in so many books, movies, graphic novels, paintings and other forms of expression. There really is a wealth of storytelling sources on this subject and the list keeps growing. For example, in 2012 the release of “The Hunger Games” films (taken after the books) was just brilliant storytelling with a good message.
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