Primal Dawn

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Primal Dawn
written by Ryan Kirk

“Primal dawn” is a science fiction novel , that is the first novel in the Primal Series. The story is really two parallel stories of the characters Tev and Kindra as their cultures confront each other for the first time. One is primitive while the other is more advanced but both are so similar in their values. This is an interesting tale of the clash of humanoid cultures when they meet each other for the first time. It´s also a plausible hypothetical on how we would handle an encounter with a less advanced humanoid race in outer space.


Primal Dawn website

Voice actor for audio-book Andrew Tell´s website

Primal Dawn goodreads webpage

Ryan Kirk Goodreads webpage

The story follows two humanoid cultures as they meet each other for the first time. One is an advanced space fairing group while the other is primitive and hunts with sharp weapons but both have their good values with fairly good heads on their shoulders with one exception. I liked how Ryan Kirk made a simple story so interesting without too much hyperbole. This is such a well put together story with what I imagine to have a clear outline. I liked what a good job the author did putting us in the shoes of the characters. Their descriptions of each other, especially during the moments of confrontation are very well done. This was a very enjoyable read with characters I really cared about.

This is a simple, well written story with very good story Construction and outline. I was surprised how good it was and how crisp the writing was. This is Worth the read.

written by John Appius Quill


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