Never Let Me Go – revisited

April 29, 2016 by admin_name

”Never Let Me Go” – revisited
written by Kazuo Ishiguro

”Never Let Me Go” is my big hundred, 29th of April, 2016 revisit because it is such a subtle and moving masterpiece. It is the only novel of Kazuo Ishiguro that I have read and I´m not in the least disappointed. In the very begining you might think that it´s a coming of age story between a group of kids in a prestigious English boarding school. Those kinds of stories generally don´t interest me and this tale is far more than that. Keep in mind that it takes place in the parallel world of today, or close enough in the 80s or 90s. This story defies the simple clasification of just sci-fi or even fiction while meriting the title of ”classic”. It´s all those things.

Here is a webpage to find the novel online:


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