Happy New Year 2017

January 5, 2017 by admin_name

Happy New Year 2017

First let me start by wishing everybody a happy new year full of good health and fun times. It´s the time of year where everybody talks about resolutions and changing their ways but what if this year could be one of shorter lists? Shorter lists of things to do and things to acquire. What if this year´s resolutions was just one or two things? Like learning an instrument, language, academic discipline or writing a book. There´s also starting a business or building your own house. The list is really what you want it to be of course but if you keep it short I think you have a good chance of finishing it.

I see this as the year of small moves and great accomplishments. Let me explain with a big example like the changes taking Place in Europé. The brexit vote in England shocked many, including myself, and had everyone wondering about the future and stability of the European Union and its states. Whether you agree with brexit or not it does not mean an end to movement of europeans, or anyone else, within Europé. It does not mean that Western Europé will become a battlefield like with the two world wars. It does however mean that member states will become more protectionist and even xenophobic (unfortunately). At least for the time being.

So take the example of Europe, not by being xenophobic or ornery toward your fellow human beings, but by making small moves and small  changes. My point in this case is that Europé will have to proceed in small steps with a greater care to detail in all its negociations. It will have to take smaller steps. It will have to slowly create a European Government all of Europé accepts and believes in.

You can get alot done sometimes when you take small steps. So have a good year and read my book.



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