Fahrenheit 451

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Fahrenheit 451
written by Ray Bradbury

“Fahrenheit 451” is a dystopian, sci-fi novel written by one of the giants of science fiction Ray Bradbury himself. It was published in 1953 and is, in my opinion, his magnum opus. The novel´s name comes from the fact that paper ignites at the temperature of 451 degrees Fahrenheit (or 232.78 degrees Celsius) and the burning of books is at the center of the whole story. In 1966 Francois Truffaut made a very good adaption of the book in a film of the same name. The novel won the American Academy Of Arts And Letters Award and the Commonwealth club Of California Gold Medal. It later won the Prometheus hall Of Fame Award and a retro Hugo Award. This is a literary classic for a good reason that will delight all readers with themes that cross cultural boundaries and are more relevant than ever. Pick up a copy or download the e-book or audiobook because it´s definitely worth the read.

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