Dark Matter

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Dark Matter
released 2015

Dark Matter” is an Canadian drama, scifi, thriller TV series created by Joseph Mallozi and Paul Mullie. It stars Marc Bendavid, Melissa O´Neil, Anthony Lemke, Alex Mallari Jr., Jodelle Ferland, Roger R. Cross, Karl Ang, Pay Chen, David Hewlett, Jessica Sipos, Hiro Kanagawa, Amanda Brugel, Gage Munroe, Kirsten Alter, Tig Fong, Don Gough, Bridget Wareham, Ishan Morris, Russell Yuen, Rob Stewart, Chloe Rose and Zoie Palmer. It was released in Russia, Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Poland, Australia, US and of course Canada. Its list of producers are Caitlin Brown, Jay Firestone, Martin Gero, Keith Goldberg, Joseph Mallozi, Paul Mullie, Vanessa Piazza, Mike Richardson, Ivon R. Bartok and Norman Denver. Its list of directors is Andy Mikita, Ron Murphy, T.J. Scott, Paolo Barzman, Bruce McDonald, T.W. Peacocke, Lee Rose, John Stead and Amanda Tapping. Its writers are Trevor Finn, Joseph Mallozi, Paul Mullie, Robert C. Cooper and Martin Gero.
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