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June 1, 2017 by admin_name

Comics Explained
June 2017 editorial

Now for this month´s editorial and this years month of June focusing on people who are less acknowledged by Big Media but have an overall positive effect on the world, or just do good work, I have chosen a guy who is building up a name brand called “Comics Explained”. Now I´ve never met him and I don´t know him as a person but what he does is fantastic. I first saw him on his Youtube platform and I now know that he has his own website and a twitter account. He also has two Youtube accounts because he is branching out. One of his Youtube channels consists of him explaining the world of American comic books. His videos are so well done and beautiful to watch. He really is a credit to that art form. After watching his series on the Incredible Hulk I found myself doing something I had not ever done. I bought an Incredible Hulk comic book and actually enjoyed the story. (Here´s the link to the first video in his youtube channel series: ComicsExplained-Hulk series .) (Who would have thought that there was more to a Hulk comic than senseless smashing?!…but there is folks) Here are the links to some of his accounts below:

Comics Explained Youtube channel 

Comics Explained Twitter

Comics Explained website

“ComicsExplained” is a blogger, video content creator, storyteller and overall good spokesman for a lucrative segment of the art form known as `comics´. He is articulate and positive and makes these beautifully interesting videos on, among other things, the American comic book world. He talks about the stories and artists and the characters they create and he has such an in depth knowledge of what he talks about. All these facts make his videos such a good watch. Not many others come close to his skills because he does such a good job. (On youtube content creator I can think of is EmergencyAwesome as another example but he focuses also more on television. His videos are fantastic also.)

His videos are, for the most part, his narration over the beautiful artwork of the comic books he is talking about. So he goes into detail about the story and its characters and gives us a more intimate look at these characters and their trials and tribulations through his most excellent narrations. I love the way he plunges us deeper into the lives of the characters so we get to see them for who they really are and understand why they do what they do. These stories aren´t just about beings with super powers because these characters have problems, problems they unwittingly create or cannot solve with their super powers. The idea of introducing super powers is somewhat childish, but like I said, there is so much more to so many of these stories than that.

“ComicsExplained” is a fantastic idea that is very well done. I often speak of shining light on the story teller and content creator and this is a perfect example of someone we need to pay more attention to because he does an excellent job at his craft. So hats off to you ComicsExplained, may you grace us with more fine content because we love it.


written by John Appius Quill

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