City Of God

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City Of God
released 2002

“City Of God” is a Brazilian drama, (at times light hearted) story of life in a Rio De Janeiro favela. It was directed Fernando Meirelles and Katia Lund and produced by Andrea Barata Ribeiro and Mauricio Andrade Ramos. It was adapted by Braulio Mantovani´s novel of the same name and the screen play was written by Paulo Lins. It stars Alexandre Rodrigues, Leandro Firmino da Hora, Phellipe Haagensen, Douglas Silva, Jonathan Haagensen, Matheus Nachtergaele, Seu Jorge, Jefechander Suplino, Alice Braga, Emerson Gomes, Edson Oliveira, Michel de Souza, Roberta Rodrigues, Luis Otavio, Mauricio Marques, Gustavo Engracia, Darlan Cunha, Robson Rocha, Thiago Martins and many, many other great talents.  It´s also important to note that there are many co-producers and a huge cast of people, I have not mentioned, who have all helped to bring this masterpiece to life. This film was very well recieved by audiences and is well worth seeing. It won many Awards including 4 Academy Awards and other awards all around the world. This Movie is one of my favorites.

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“The City Of God” is the story of two boys who grow up in a violent favela called `The City Of God´ (called Cidade de Deus) in Rio de Janeiro. One of them becomes a photographer while the other one becomes a drug dealer. One has his career in the legally accepted world, outside the the favela while the other one does not. The character of Buscape, called the Rocket and played by Alexander Rodrigues narrates the story. This film has all the good elements to a good story. That is to say love, action, good guys, bad guys and good guys being not always good. I don´t want to give any spoilers away but suffice it to say that most characters are trying to get out of the favela and want a better life.

What I really like about the film was its unpredictability and how the characters were brought to life and did not become cliches, as is the case in so many movies of slums, ghettos and trailer parks. For this reason I think that “City Of God” is the best movie that takes place in slums, (also called a `hood movie´ although I find that name offensive for the people that live in slums),  I have seen. The characters are real and the story does not follow the predictable stereotypes found in most American movies of this kind. There were times when I found myself wishing a character would not do what they were about to do, while at other times I rooted a character on. It takes place in a violent and economically depressed neighborhood but I found myself focused on the characters and hoping for their well-being.

Many people would decide not to see it because of where the story takes place. I´ve had people look at a clip of the film and sneer. That is a big mistake because this is really a movie. I highly recommend “The City Of God”. It´s a great film.

written by John Appius Quill

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