Childhood´s End

December 31, 2015 by admin_name

Childhood´s End
written by Arthur C. Clarke

DSC00881Childhood´s End” is a sci-fi novel published in 1953 by the British author Arthur C. Clarke. It received much acclaim and sold out immediately when it was first published and remains a sci-fi classic to this day. The idea of the novel first took shape from one of Arthur´s short stories called ”Guardian Angel”. The novel was edited by the legendary sci-fi fantasy author James Blish and he also rewrote the ending. The novel was accepted for publication after James Blish´s contribution and the rest is history. The story incorporates many themes like the alien invasion, humankind´s fate and our place in the universe. A well done mini-series was made in 2015 and put out by the Syfy channel. This adaptation was fairly close to the book with a talented cast and excellent special effects, costumes and make up. ”Childhood´s End” is a sci-fi masterpiece.
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