Castle In The Stars: The Space Race Of 1869

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Castle In The Stars
The Space Race Of 1869
book 1
Author: Alex Alice

“Castle In The Stars: The Space Race Of 1869” is a French graphic novel whose genre is science fiction, steampunk done by the artist Alex Alice who has apparently worked on other projects such as “Le Troisieme Testament”. According to his goodreads page this work is inspired by Umberto Eco. It was translated into English by Anne Smith.


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Goodreads Alex Alice Castle In The Stars: The Space Race Of 1869 webpage

“Castle In The Stars: The Space Race Of 1869” is a tale of bravery, adventure and discovery. It begins in 1868 when the adventurer Claire takes her ship, the balloon called The Aethernaut, up to try to find the elusive substance which has been the stuff of legends for thousands of years called the Aether. The same substance called ether which the ancients mentioned in old texts. Her husband Archibald disapproves but she goes up anyway and ends up crashing to Earth just as she discovers it. Her son Seraphim continues her quest which begins in Germany and the rest is just good storytelling.

I picked up a copy of this graphic novel while at Comicon 2017 in New York City when one of the women who works in the Ads Dept of the publisher basically showed it to me. I have to say that the cover, which gives you an idea of the art inside, hooked me right in. It´s very nice. The colors, art and images (and of course story) are just beautifully done and are the reason why the steampunk genre can really stir the imagination in a unique way.

It´s also a story of adventure where Seraphim goes on a voyage of discovery complete with villains, solid female characters and querky friends.

I thought this was a very good graphic novel with a story I loved. I highly recommend it as a good read and even worth collecting for your bookshelf.


Written by John Appius Quill

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