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Jot Russell’s The Future is Short: Science Fiction in a Flash, Volume 4
Experience the power of Flash Fiction! 47 thrilling, science fiction stories, each less than 900 words. New and established authors try their hands at writing to monthly prompts, vying for the coveted title of Science Fiction Microstory Contest Champion. This anthology of science fiction micro-stories is a wonderful read written by a talented group of writers.

S. M. Kraftchak, Jack McDaniel, Andrew Gurcak, Chris Nance, Paula Friedman, Jeremy Lichtman, Tom Olbert, Marianne Petrino, John Appius Quill, Greg Krumrey, Justin Sewall, Jot Russell, C. Lloyd Preville, Joseph Minart, Rejoice Denhere, Jeremy McLain.

Websites to purchase The Future Is Short 4 (TFIS4)

Lillicat publishers TFIS4 webpage

Smashwords TFIS4 webpage

Amazon TFIS4 webpage(ebook)

Amazon TFIS4 webpage(paper)

Barnes and Noble TFIS4 webpage

Goodreads TFIS4 webpage

Indigo TFIS4 webpage

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