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“Bewitched” is an American, comedy, fantasy, television series that ran in the U.S. from 1964 to 1972. It has many directors and writers, to many to give credit to unfortunately, and was produced by Sol Saks. Some of the caste of actors include Elizabeth Montgomery, Agnes Moorehead, David White, Dick York, Erin Murphy, Dick Sargent, George Tobias, Kasey Rogers, Sandra Gould, Alice Pearce, Marion Lorne, Diane Murphy, Bernard Fox, Mabel Albertson, Alice Ghostley, Maurice Evans, Paul Lynde, Cosmo Sardo and so, so many others. Many critics have called  it one of the top 10 best American TV series of all time and it is still popular today. Its charm and humor has stood the test of time.

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“Bewitched” is the simple story of a witch married to a mortal and how she desperately tries to keep magic out of her life. The womens name is Samantha Stevens, played by Elizabeth Montgomery, and she comes from a crazy family of witches most of whom despise the idea that she married a mortal. The mother Endora, played by Agnes Moorehead, is devilishly clever at bringing mischief into the lives  of the Stevens Family, particularly toward Darren, played by Dick York then Dick Sargent. Now Darren has the burden of trying to hide his secret from his job and the community and that creates the opportunity for the mother in law Endora and other members of her crazy family to drive him crazy. The famous theme music for the show was created by Howard Greenfield.

There is a lot you can fault old movies and television with. For starters the cast is all European American, the gender roles are fixed and sexist and no question of portraying same sex couples. There are no handicapped people, smaller size people, people of different religious beliefs. That is unfortunately America of the 1960s and I think in this case we have to look past that. It does not have the realism or courage of shows like Modern Family but is still a good watch.

The way the mother in law makes Darren squirm is too funny sometimes that and the way Samantha always tries to use her magic moderately but somehow ends up in a bigger mess is just too classic. The lengths to which they have to hide their secret and how things just blow up in their faces is too funny. Characters like Uncle Arthur, played by Paul Lynde are absolutely bonkers. The craziness of Samanthas family is just hilarious.

I definitely recommend “Bewitched” as a TV series to watch. It is craziness and fun rolled into one.



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