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Welcome to Ink2Quill,

My name is John Appius Quill and I made Ink2Quill because I love movies, books, vlogs and all forms of story telling. I feel there are some really good storytellers out there who deserve a larger audience.

 Unfortunately,  alot of what the entertainment industry has to offer is censured, rushed, predictable and trite. In spite of this there are still many good works by talented people. So I look for the stories that are original, classic or well done. It´s a sifting process where I look among a vast sea of interesting stories and choose the ones to discuss.

It doesn´t matter to me if there are mistakes or if a story project is low budget. Some personal vlogs online where people discuss a simple issue can be just as interesting as highly publicised, large budget projects.

I want to shed some light on some of these works that give us so much enjoyment while teaching us something about ourselves.

If you want to promote your work this is the place for you. Also, if you suffer from writer´s block or have run out of ideas for a story then please contact me. I would love to help you in your creative process and you can also check out my list of services.Too many good stories have predictable endings.





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