A Separate Peace

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A Separate Peace
written by John Knowles

“A Separate Peace” is an American, coming of age novel written by John Knowles. It takes place in the fictional New England prep school named Devon during the WWII. The story is a flashback of the protagonist, Gene Forrester. It won the New York Times bestseller for fiction in 1960, the William Faulkner Foundation Award in 1961, The Rosenthal Award and was a finalist for The National Book Award for fiction in 1961. It remains on the curriculum list for most high schools in the US today and was adapted into a film in 1972. A fun fact about the author and the book is that John Knowles and Gore Vidal both attended the same prep school, Phillips Exeter, (with Gore Vidal being two years ahead of John Knowles) at the same time and the character Brinker in the novel is based on Gore Vidal.

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