Great Movie Releases 2014

October 2, 2014 by admin_name

Great Movie Releases 2014

An unverified internet source claimed that 50,000 movies were made each year worldwide. We are awash in movies of all types even though most of the movies made will never reach our screens. Between the internet, TV and all the other forms of advertising we could be made aware of less than 100 movies in one year. Many film critics and bloggers say that the number is far lower.

The recently released “Maze Runner” (2014) is the first film I´d like to recommend with its beautiful world building and interesting storyline. The second is “No Good Deed” (2014). This thriller boasts a good story with excellent actors. The third is a film called “Anna” (2014). This is a disturbing film were the viewer and main character are jerked along like puppets on a string. The fourth is a film called “Horns” (2014) which has a fairy tale quality to it. There is also an older film called “Don´t Blink” (2008) with some great actors and a mystery that will keep you glued to your couch until the very end.

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